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Thanks!......& I'm Sorry

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by.....and I'm sorry you're here.

"Huh?? **record scratch** - "What is this lady on about with the I'm sorry?"

Well, I'm sorry - because if you're choosing to stop by here and stick around past the title then something brought you here and (from experience) that something probably is...not awesome.

So I am truly sorry.

But I will say that you're not alone in this. I'm over here trying to figure out the two things that no one EVER talks about - grief and sobriety (sounds like a real fuckin' party doesn't it?)

Now, whilst I cannot and will not promise a "party" (first of all we're still in a pandemic y'all) - what I will promise is some frank (maybe triggering so I'll try to warn you), honest, no BS, no platitudes ("everything happens for a reason" generally makes me want to burn things down).....and maybe even sometimes funny ....conversations about what its' been like for me to lose several people in my life this past year - while also making the decision to try sobriety.

I don't have all the answers. Hell most days I don't have any answers. But, I went through/continue to go through some big shit and it hasn't crushed me yet. So maybe sharing it will help someone. At the very least - putting pen to paper - helps me.

So let’s get after it. Get your tissues ready (crying or laughing - you’ll need em)

Time For Tea,


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